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We help brands & startups curate MAM plans & execute a tailored app marketing strategy to boost app installs, app discovery, user engagement and user retention.

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Mobile App Marketing is Essential
for App Success

The Play Store & App Store are a massive repository of more than 5 million apps and games, with almost 288+ billion app downloads last year combined. Only ~1% of apps and games are actually making the most from the total mobile revenue share of ~$120+ billion every year combined.
The the competition is really huge, this is where SmartXaaS LLP (formerly TheSmartWare™) come in.

SmartXaaS LLP (formerly TheSmartWare™) started out as an digital marketing agency, and we have good hands in mobile app marketing. We know the smart approach about app promotion. We provide a comprehensive app marketing plan that is handcrafted to help your freeware mobile app or game get ranked well on the Google Play or App Store.

Android & iOS App Promotion Platform

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Our Managed Mobile App Marketing Services


Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Get a comprehensive app marketing plan with a detailed approach to launch, promote and monetise your app.


Mobile App Store Optimization

Increase your search visibility and gain more organic downloads with our data-driven app store optimization services.


Press Release & Social Media Services

Get a comprehensive app marketing plan with a detailed approach to launch, promote and monetise your app.


Paid Ad Campaigns

Generate more downloads and app installs by running targeted Google’s Universal App campaigns and social media ads.


Mobile App Analytics

Build a solid app marketing plan that is backed by valuable data about user insights, behaviour and more.


User Engagement & Retention

Leverage mobile app analytics and other metrics to improve user engagement and retention strategy.

FREE Keyword Manager with Live Rank Tracking

At our platform you can manage all your keywords relevant to your Android, iOS app both very easily. You can also check live rank of your app in Google Play store or Apple App Store for those keywords in our self-serve ASO platform.

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FREE MAM Consultation from our ASO Experts

We have 5+ years of experience in Mobile App Marketing and App Store Optimization & have developed two dedicated self-serve platforms. Our experts have helped 5K+ app developers achieve the success.

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~3 million apps to choose from. Is your app visible to your ideal customer?

There are a lot of users with ~4,000 million active Android & iOS devices. Customers have a lot of apps to choose from. Not every user will be able to discover your app in play store or app stores without MAM (Mobile App Marketing) or ASO (App Store Optimization). Getting your app listing optimized for higher visibility is a simple but powerful strategy to get noticed by mobile users which helps a lot to boost organic installs.

Let’s Boost your App Installs
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Our Approach

  • Analyzing the competition
  • Defining your key marketing goals, KPIs, and metrics
  • Thoughtfully choose the right app marketing channels for you
  • Understanding and communicating your app’s value proposition
  • Developing a proper understanding of your target audience
  • Determining potential market and categories that are relevant to your app
  • Create an app launch plan that is timely
  • Providing actionable analytics data and drive continuous optimization
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We have good experience to deliver success at scale.

Apps We Have Grown

Money Mail Me MoneyMailMe
Fan Duel FanDuel
Eye Kandy EyeKandy
XAPA Wallet XAPAWallet
Skrite Skrite
888 888
13 Cabs 13Cabs
GMG Digital GMGDigital
Kumu Kumu
VPNify App VPNifyApp
Liven Liven
Influentially Influentially
MVi Call MViCall
Gem 4 Me Gem4Me
17 Live 17Live
Namaste MD NamasteMD
Woven Woven

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