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Leverage the power of App Store Optimization to uplift your apps & games to get high value traffic for Android or iOS.

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Benefits of App Store Optimization

Improve Visibility & Stand out in the App Store or Play Store.

Users can’t install and engage with your app if your ideal customers can’t find it. So no matter how awesome your app is, if it’s not easily discoverable you won’t achieve the app success that you deserve.

Always get discovered by high-quality and relevant Users

It is not enough that your app is found, it has to be found by the right users – users that are actually on a hunt for an app like yours. App Store Optimization gets you to the right users, helps match it to relevant keywords.

Increase Organic App Downloads in a Sustainable Way

A good ASO strategy will certainly boost your organic installs and ensure long-term results. That’s because when people search for keywords related to your app, they’ll always likely to find your app.

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Reduce User Acquisition Costs and Get Continuous Growth

Instead of just burning money on ads, you can lower your user acquisition costs by focusing on organic growth with ASO. This not only saves you money, but also ensures steady growth.

Increase App Revenue and Conversion Rates

There are various ways to monetize your app. This includes in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscription models. As a result many of you may decide to run ads to bring in more users and thus, more revenue.

Reach the global audience with your app

By making your app available in other languages through an App Store Optimization process called localization, you can get users from all over the world to discover your app. ASO can help you take your app global.

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~3 million apps to choose from. Is your app visible to your ideal customer?

There are a lot of users with ~4,000 million active Android & iOS devices. Customers have a lot of apps to choose from. Not every user will be able to discover your app in play store or app stores without MAM (Mobile App Marketing) or ASO (App Store Optimization). Getting your app listing optimized for higher visibility is a simple but powerful strategy to get noticed by mobile users which helps a lot to boost organic installs.

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App Store Optimization Strategies

Keyword Research / Market Research

Picking the right keywords is crucial for app store search success. You should target those with high relevance (related to your business), high traffic and low difficulty or competition.

App store keyword research strategies are different for each app. For example, for new apps, it’s better to use mid and long-tail low competition keywords to gradually change them with some with more traffic and competition.

In order to get the maximum visibility, your app or game should be global (available worldwide) with all languages optimized.

Optimize for Visibility (Search + Browse)

It’s all about app optimization when it comes to improve visibility in search or browse.

Apple App Store (iOS)

The simplest way to increase visibility in App Store is to add relevant keywords in the;

  • App Name (30 characters),
  • Sub-Title (30 char) and
  • Keywords Field (100 characters).

So, a total of 160 characters, although there is a “hack” that allows using much more than 100 characters in the that special field.

Google Play Store (Android)

Similarly, the best way to increase visibility in Play Store is to add relevant keywords in the;

  • Title (30 char),
  • Short Description (80 char),
  • Description (4,000 char).

Unlike Apple, Google indexes almost all text that appears in the play store listing. Google Play, when it comes to Search, is much more similar to SEO that's why ASO is often termed as "App SEO".

Optimize for Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A/B test listing elements like;

  • App Icon (to increase CTR in lists),
  • Feature Image or
  • App Screenshots

to boost conversion rate and get more installs with the same traffic.

Track / Monitor main KPIs

Track all KPIs: keywords, competitors, Top Charts, organic installs (by country), Similar Apps visibility, conversion rate to install, revenue from organic installs (IAP, advertising…), and competitors’ updates / changes in listings (on-metadata).

Our ASO Services


Keyword Research

We will find potential target keywords for your app, you should rank and focus.


App Title, Description

We will find relevant keywords and write title, description and short description for your app.


App Icon

Enhance your app icon to improve click through rate so that user are more likely to click / install.


App Promo Video

Create stunning Promo Video for your App.


App Screenshots

Make potential user curious to install your app by improving your screenshots to highlight USPs of your app.


App Landing Page

Create stunning Landing Page for your App.


App Launch (Android)

Will Launch your Android App on upto 100+ Review Websites.


App Launch (iOS)

Will Launch your iOS App on upto 100+ Review Websites.


App ASO Audit

Make potential user curious to install your app by improving your screenshots to highlight USPs of your app.


Competitor Research

We will research your competitor and find potential opportunities for your app, you should focus to win.



We will do everything of App Store Optimization and also publish your app in Play Store or App Store (developer fee is not included).

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